Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Story of Everything by Neal Layton

I adore Neal Layton's illustrations and this is one of his best.  The Story of Everything is, well, the story of EVERYTHING!  And it's in glorious three-dimensional pop-up as well, with more flaps, gadgets and surprises than there are trilobites in the prehistoric sea. 

This awesome book tells the story of the Earth from the Big Bang to the present day, with lots of action and incredible facts along the way.  As a confirmed fiction fan, I often find non-fiction difficult to digest, but this book blows all that out of the primordial soup for me.  

Watch out, though, as with all pop-ups, it is reasonably delicate, so buy an extra copy for yourself that your kids are NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH!

Activities and Discussion
How do scientists know that the universe was created after a gigantic explosion?
Where does the idea of a god fit in with all this?
Choose your favourite animal and see if you can copy it

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Neal Layton's Website

The Story of Everything is published by Hodder

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