Saturday, 23 June 2012

You Do! by Kes Grey and Nick Sharratt

"Don't pick your nose," said Daisy's mum.
"You do," said Daisy.
"When?" said Daisy's mum.
"In the car on the way to Nanny's" said Daisy.
"I wasn't picking, I was scratching," explained Daisy's mum.

Daisy's mum is always telling Daisy not to do stuff.  Don't slurp, don't leave your clothes on the floor, don't fidget.  But how can she tell Daisy off when she does all those things herself!! 

Daisy is a gloriously cheeky, independent thinker who loves to challenge her mother's - and society's - expectations.  In this story, she reminds us that nobody is perfect and that we can sometimes get a little bit too hung up on social niceties and forget to have fun. Kes Grey captures perfectly the refreshingly logical way many young children question the world around them.  

Like many people, I love Nick Sharratt's distinctive, simple style.  My kids, however, think Daisy is rather ugly because she has weird hair.  Oh well.  You can't please everyone.  Sorry Nick!

Activities and Discussion
Why do adults tell us not to pick our noses or slurp our soup?
How does it make us feel when other people do these things?

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