Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Class Two at the Zoo by Julia Jarman and Lynne Chapman

When Class Two went to the zoo, they saw a koala kissing a kangaroo.  They saw a giraffe having a laugh.  They didn't see...

The Anaconda. 

Eeeeek! Watch out little children, there's an enormous snake creeping up on you! 

This book is great fun, especially the illustrations showing the ravenous anaconda getting more and more boggle-eyed as he gobbles up the children.  You can even see their poor little arms and legs trying to kick their way out of that dreadful snake's insides.  Class Two is crammed full with alliteration and funny rhymes, and has a happy ending that will soothe anyone who might be a bit scared of snakes.

Activities and Discussion
If you ever get the chance to see Lynne Chapman in action, DO IT! She is one of the most entertaining and energetic artists I have ever met and she's brilliant at drawing things as you watch.

Buy a roll of lining paper and roll out a good long length.  You might need to weigh it down to stop it rolling back up. Draw the outline of an enormous snake, perhaps adding some strangely-shaped lumps and bumps then get your kids to draw all the things the snake has swallowed, inside his tummy.  I have seen  both Lynne and Julia use this activity to great effect in schools. 

Find out all about anacondas here.  Where do they live? What do they eat? How big do they grow?  Then make a mini book to share your discoveries with your friends. You can find out how to make a miniature book at Playing by the Book's Blog blog - written in collaboration with Clara Vulliamy.

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Lynne Chapman's Website
Lynne Chapman has a brilliant blog all about her illustrating and writing, including step by step pictures showing how her books develop, from initial sketches to the finished product. 

Julia Jarman's Website

National Geographic Kids
Fantastic pictures and amazing facts about anacondas (and loads of other animals too)

How to Make Mini-Books

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