Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Colin and the Snoozebox by Leigh Hodgkinson

OK, here is the first of my newer picture book picks.  And what better book to start with than Colin and the Snoozebox.

Colin doesn't have a bed.
Actually, Colin doesn't have a home.  
This is A-OK for most of the time as he is very busy...

But sometimes it is not OK.  Poor Colin is a sleepy pussy cat who just wants a nice warm place to snuggle down for a snooze.  Unfortunately, the place he chooses is a cardboard box.  While he is asleep dreaming of fish, someone posts the box with Colin inside!  Oh no!  Where will he end up?

In this wonderful book, Leigh Hodgkinson has created some fabulous characters.  As well as Colin himself, we meet Lady Snootlethorpe, owner of a teapot shop, Mister Marshmallow, a polar bear, Mr Gobbledegook an alien and kind Grandma Flapjack.  I wonder who will decide to keep Colin for their very own?  You'll have to read the book to find out!

Leigh's distinctive collagey illustrations make this book a delight to read and look at.  It's full of textures and scribbly writing and made up words.  And guess what?  There's another book about Colin too.  

If you've never read one of Leigh's books, well correct that terrible mistake RIGHT NOW! You'll love them.  I promise. And if you don't, you can tell my mum.  

Activities and Discussion
Make your own Colin collage
Collect together some cardboard, string, bubble wrap, old stamps, bits of fabric, buttons and stuff, then cut them out and glue them onto some card to make your own Colin illustration.

Make Colin and his box.  Just download the template here (you may need to scroll down)

Have a look at Leigh's Colin Around the World website.  Can you create your own photo album showing your favourite teddy or toy in different places?

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Colin and the Snoozebox is published by Orchard Books


  1. This sounds so much fun, and I love the character names. When I grow up (which won't be for a very long time) I want to be called Grandma Flapjack.

  2. I love the Colin website, whenever we read this book I always worry how Colin survives without eating on such long travels