Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Let's Get a Pup! by Bob Graham

"Let's get a pup!" said Kate.
Mum looked in the paper.
"It must be small," said Kate
"And cute," said Dad.
"And get all excited," said Kate
"And run round in circles," said Dad.

So the three of them set off to the dog rescue centre to find one.  There were so many dogs to choose from, but at last they found Dave. He's was small.  He was cute.  He was all they wanted. 

But then they saw Rosie.  Poor, old Rosie.  How they wished they could take her home too.  But they couldn't.  Could they?

This is a heart-warming story full of love and kindness. Illustrated in true Bob Graham style, the red-headed characters are refreshingly easy-going and spontaneous. I wish I was as laid back as them when it comes to giving a dog a bath, or discovering that the puppy has dug up all the daffodils. A charming book for animal-lovers everywhere.

Activities and Discussion
Did you know that thousands of dogs, cats and other pets are taken to animal rescue centres every year?  
Organisations such as the RSPCA and Cats Protection League spend millions of pounds caring for and rehoming pets.  Why is it that some people can't, or won't, look after their pets?

Visit the RSPCA Website to find out how to look after pets properly.  Then choose your favourite pet and make a leaflet telling other people five things they need to do to care for their pet.

Find out how much it costs to keep a dog or cat in a rescue centre for a week, then have a table-top sale of old toys, or bake some cakes and sell them to raise some money to help look after animals in care.

RSPCA publish a great kids' magazine called Animal Action.  It's got loads of fundraising ideas, information about animals and tips on pet care. If you don't want to pay a subscription, you might be able to request a copy from your local library.

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Let's Get a Pup is published by Candlewick Press

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