Friday, 20 July 2012

There are Cats in This Book by Viviane Schwarz

My kids and I love this book.  It is so simple and so, so clever.  Reminiscent of Heuve Tullet, There are Cats in This Book talks directly to the reader, instantly engaging them and drawing them in to play.

We first catch the cats snoozing under the blankets. They are a little surprised to see us, but soon welcome us with friendly smiles.

Hello.  Who are YOU?
Are you NICE?
You LOOK nice.
And STRONG. Could you turn a whole PAGE?

Viviane's scratchy, sketchy drawings are full of movement and expression and there is a scattering of flaps to open, and half pages to peek through, all of which work brilliantly together to amuse and delight any reader, young or old. Buy this book and you'll keep it for ever.

Activities and Discussion
Did you ever knit a cat?  If not, get yourself or your granny straight over to Viv's website and download a knitting pattern  now!

You can also download some beautiful Cat Cut Outs which you could then use to create your own story. 

And when you've done all that, go out and beg borrow or buy the follow on: 
There are No Cats in This Book is equally brilliant, funny and entertaining.  Well done Viv!

Visit Viviane's website here

Listen to There are Cats in This Book as told by Viv herself. Watch Video

Listen to There are No Cats in This Book as told by Viv Watch Video

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There are Cats in This Book is published byWalker Books

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