Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mr Big by Ed Vere

Everyone was afraid of Mr Big. He was just so - well -


When Mr Big went to a cafe...everyone had other things to do

When Mr Big got on a bus, everybody else got off.

Poor Mr Big.  If only people would stop around long enough, they might find out what he was like on the inside.

One day, Mr Big found an old piano.  He took it home and started to play.  And as tears of loneliness rolled down Mr Big's cheeks, his beatuiful music drifted through the night air. 

Soon everybody wanted to know where the music was coming from. Who was the mystery pianist? So they posted a letter through Mr Big's door, inviting him to join their band.  

And then everyone got to know the real Mr Big. And they LOVED him!

This is a heartwarming story about misconceptions and acceptance, of compassion and friendship.  It illustrates beautifully the pain many people feel at being left out, or mis-understood, or judged unfairly, and the joy at discovering just how amazing people can be, once we get to know them.

Ed has created a wonderful character that children will instantantly identify with. He is like everyone's favourite uncle.  A bit on the large side, a bit old-fashioned, with a funny hat and a bow tie, but underneath he's a real treasure.  Someone you would want to spend a lot of time with.  I love the expressions that Ed has given him, and the other funny characters help lift the story and stop it being too sad.  


Activities and Discussion
How many different sorts of people are there?
What would it be like if we all looked the same?
Which is most important, how we look, or how we behave?
Do you know anybody who always gets left out? 
Write down or draw one thing about them that people don't like.
Now think of three good things about them.  How does this make you feel?

Have a go at drawing Mr Big!

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