Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New York in Pyjamarama by Michael Leblond and Frederique Bertrand

I was introduced to this book during a recent visit to Tales on Moon Lane children's bookshop in Herne Hill.  As soon as I opened it, I was captivated.

At first sight, some of the illustrations look a bit weird, but take out a neatly housed acetate insert and move it slowly over the illustrations and...


The images come to life as if by magic! 

They depict people and vehicles hurrying around the city, leaves waving on the Central Park trees and the shimmering lights which my daughter and I think look like fireworks.

For me, the text was almost incidental.  In fact, I didn't read it at all until the third of fourth time I opened the book, so fascinated was I with the movement of the images.  

New York in Pyjamarama is a wonderfully interactive story book toy that young children will love to play with.

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New York in Pyjamarama is published by Phoenix Yard Books 

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