Monday, 19 November 2012

The Famous Adventures of Jack by Berlie Doherty

I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this book in a Twitter competition run by Berlie Doherty herself.  In fact, I also went to her house for lunch with Caroline Pitcher and Pauline Chandler, but that's another story...

So I won this book and I read this book and I LOVED this book!

The story is based around a little girl called Jill, who is sent to an old woman's house meet a boy called Jack.  She brings with her a bag of things which will help the old woman to find him. 

"They're all called Jack around here," says the Old Woman. "There's Cousin Jack and Grandfather Jack, Uncle Jack and Son Jack, and some is daft and some is dead and some is disappeared. And some is lazy and good-for-nothing and waste-of-a-wishbone like my very own son.  But they're all called Jack."

But Jill doesn't know which Jack she is supposed to meet, so the Old Woman settles her down and tells her each Jack's story in turn, prompted by objects taken from Jill's bag.

This is a delightful book, in which the author weaves together a mix of legendary Jack stories to make a new tale. It is a captivating and magical read that whisks the reader into a world of giants and talking cats, kings and princesses, impossible tasks and an enchanted snuff box, a giant beanstalk and a magic belt.  The words flow beautifully, without a stumble or a trip and the narrative is wonderfully traditional without being old-fashioned or stuffy. 

Definitetely one for a cold winter evening by the fire, with a snuggling child or two and a nice glass of something warming.  I fact, that is a VERY good idea.

The Famous Adventures of Jack is written by Berlie Doherty and published by Catnip Publishing

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