Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Other Royal Baby by Babette Cole

I am a real fan of Babette Cole's books so I was very pleased when she asked me to review The Other Royal Baby!

It's a re-release of her classic story, King Change-a-lot which is now, sadly, out of print.  The new book is available as an e-book for iPad and I'm told it has lots of added extras including a video of Babette reading the book herself.  Sadly I don't have an iPad so I can't review that part of the story, but Babette kindly sent me a paper copy of the original book to review.  
So here goes:
Prince Change-a-lot was fed up of being treated like a baby, even though he was one!  His parents were making a real mess of running the kingdom, wasting people's taxes on fancy parties and ignoring the dragons, giants, bad fairies and huge blubber worms who were rampaging around the place.  So he rubbed his magic potty and out came a baby genie who could understand baby language. 
Straight away, Prince Change-a-lot put the baby genie to work.  He turned his parents into babies, made a rubber disco castle for the giants and locked up the bad fairies.  He fed the blubber worms cakes till they exploded and gave the dragons video games to play so they would stay at home.  Everyone agreed that things were much better with King Change-a-lot running the place.  And, it seems, they all lived happily ever after! 
I absolutely LOVE Babette Cole's written style. They way she talks about crazy things in such a matter-of-fact way is pure genius.This, combined with her wonderfully detailed and quirky illustrations make all her books real gems of children's literature. 
I'm very tempted to go out and buy an iPad, just so I can read and listen to the e-book version!  Perhaps if I rub my magic pencil-case...? 
Although The Other Royal Baby, aka Prince Change-al-ot, is out of print, many of Babette Cole's other books are still available to buy.  If you don't own any, add some of  these to your collection - you won't regret it!

Other wonderful books by Babette Cole

One of the first anti-fairy tales I ever read - brilliant!

A hilarious (and informative) book about the scary bits and hairy bits that appear during puberty
An honest and amusing look at where babies come from. 
And the good news is that she is adding more and more titles to her e-book collection.  Check out inkysprat.com to find out more. 
The Other Royal Baby is published by Inky Sprat and is available to download from the iBookstore.

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